As we are in the final hours of the NBA season, it seems only fitting that I shit all over the association. I mean EVERYWHERE. Just fucking spray on the league that has made itself so boring that I need to tell you what I did the other night instead of watching Game 3…

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Game 3, NBA Finals. It should’ve beenĀ MUST WATCH TV, something that I’d rather see live than potentially my friends’ wedding or my nephew’s first birthday… Instead, what was I watching?

7th inning of a regular season Yankees game.

Now, am I ashamed as a sports fan? Well, a little bit… I should NEVER be watching regular season MLB over any sports playoffs, especially the Finals! But I think it more so speaks VOLUMES of the state of the NBA. It’s predictable.

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It was predetermined since KD decided he’d be a Warrior last summer… and we all knew it! I honestly can’t believe how straight to the script this whole year has been.

This is a charge against the NBA. I’m bored and would rather watch regular season MLB than your NBA Finals.

Balls in your court, stop the super team madness… Somehow, I don’t know how… Just fix it.



Durant – Charmin Spokesman,