Ladies & Gentlemen, another stellar weekend in the books. Too much sun, too much fun, and too much just enough light beer takes us into a new week… What a beautiful time to be alive, gather around the water cooler, and tell your co-workers how #LIT your life is.

This week’s cover girl for Merica Monday is Mariah from UNH. Great photo just REALLY living the American dream and showing her true colors waving that red, white and blue. Head on over to her page on ig at mariahtbrady, it’s a great follow. Highly recommended by your boy. Toss a few hearts her way, she earned at least that from us.

This week’s national anthem will be in honor of our newest (and back-to-back) Stanley Cup champs – the Pittsburgh Penguins!!

Now, this kid we got today is TEN years old… When I was 10, I was dunking on a Fisher Price hoop working on my mix tape, and he’s out there singing the freaking national anthem… Hey, life choices, am I right?! Anyway, please rise and remove those hats.

Alright, now let’s get after it this week fella’s!!



Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Our Next Beer.