So this will be a really simple message to the front of the New York Giants… Since, ya know, this is probably their top visited site when it comes to really insightful football talk and all!

Odell Beckham Jr has been the face of New York Giants football for about the last three years. He flies by the opposition’s best defensive backs and he REALLY enjoys the spotlight of playing for New York City… And yeah, maybe a little too much.

But here’s the thing: if you want him to be a football player first and a celebrity second – you may have to pay him to do so.

Now, I am a firm believer in finishing what you started, and Odell signed a 4-year/$10M contract through 2017. So I believe he has and should continue to (and honestly, I believe will) do everything that that entails.

But if he is looking at the hand who feeds him – it’s not football. If 90% of his nut comes from doing those sultry hawt Head & Shoulders commercials, or his Nike deal that made him the richest football player as far as shoe deals go – well then shouldn’t he keep doing whatever it is that THEY want?

Now, yes, winning goes along with all that to an extent, but if football isn’t his main focus, I personally don’t blame him. Everyone on this planet follows the money and OBJ wouldn’t be different if he paid a little bit more attention to being a celebrity and not so much to football.

Now, if he becomes a complete dickhead and he starts hurting his team, or worse – he starts sucking… Yes, his image will then follow suit and realistically these companies sponsoring him will be pissed they made a bad investment.

But today, he still balls out. He still is incredibly talented. And as a fan, I still can’t wait to see #13 out there on the field… I’m just saying you can’t fault the guy now if he doesn’t put football first. If you want that, pay him to do that. Otherwise, accept the exceptional bargain player you’re going to get for $1.8M.

It will be what it will be folks – if you want him to be a football player, pay him to be a football player first.



87 Days,