A Tradition Like Every Other.

The First Annual Water Cooler Sports Open set for July 22 is something we really haven’t talked enough about if we’re being honest.

Here are some quick updates:

  • Movember, our official charity partner, actually followed up with us to see “how things were going” with this event… So yeah, the pressure is on to not completely blow things here;
  • The location is Hyatt Hills Golf Course for now, until you hear otherwise… The whole “until you hear otherwise” part can easily be translated any way you want it… Personally, I suggest translating it like, “until¬†Taylor finds us a better priced place“… though the cover photo MAY be an indication of where we’re thinking;
  • We are looking like a strong 10 foursomes (at a minimum)¬†AND it appears the new Water Cooler Sports HQ (aka Taylor’s place) should be ready in time for the big day. So if you need a place to stay, we got you;
  • I am going to start reaching out to people and get a list to publicize of who our teams are, so we can start the shit talking that all charity golf tournaments are missing. VERY possible a power rankings will precede the few weeks leading up to the tournament;
  • Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that there will 100% be customized WCS golf balls provided to all those in attendance. That alone is going to be legendary.

That is about it. I just want you all to know I’m on top of this, I got it, and July 22 is going to be QUITE the spectacle!!



Four Iron ALL DAY,