An hour and a half commute tends to do things to a man… And one of those is learn too much about some of our newest players. This morning, your boy Taylor took a look at Matt Sauer, the Yanks 2nd Round pick out of Righetti High School in California.

Anyway, the guy is gonna be a stud ace, I can just feel it – so again, I wanted to know the kind of guy I’d be rooting for… And to say I’m sold would be QUITE the understatement.

CC Squidward Matt Sauer.jpg

A fat joke, mixed with SpongeBob? FIRE!

A fat joke, mixed with SpongeBob LEADING to what will be an extremely awkward/hilarious conversation between he and CC??


Matt Sauer Stretch Fart Tweet

Call me old fashioned, but if you’re tweeting about farts and how they integrate into daily living, I’m going to like your tweet… This one was great because his boy Andy tweeting like he’s found this life changing thing “OMG stretching is life-changing” and then…? BOOM. Sauer dropping a fart joke. LOVE. IT.

Hurry I gotta poop tweet Matt Sauer

I can legitimately see this EXACT scenario occurring in my life and I burst out laughing reading it. This kid is the fucking man.

Double Flusher Matt Sauer

I mean, again, any tweet about dumps is going to get a chuckle outta me – regardless of him being the owner of said dump or not… I’m a class act like that – WHAT CAN I SAY!?

Again, very excited to have this kid on board… Let’s get it going!!



Baby Bombers Boomin!!