Yesterday we read the tweets and we heard the news that the McGregor-Mayweather fight seems to be happening and we even had a date of August 26…

Well, like everything surrounding this fight, there was another bizarre twist that it’s getting pushed back:

I read into it and the reasons are pretty valid: scheduling conflicts at the venue itself (which who the fuck did no one foresee before announcing this!?) AND they didn’t want to compete with the MLB down the stretch, which I can understand. If anything it’ll be after October I’d bet, but then they’d compete with College Football, then NFL, then NBA again… So maybe next June?

To me, at this point, I just want it to happen even though 1000% Floyd is going to put McGregor in a body bag. McGregor is not going to win in a boxing match against him. Case closed. The man has trained his whole life to be the best boxer out there.

Listen, it’s a great way to a payday – but that’s all this is. And hey, I gotta respect that – MERICA!!

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That being said, I will be rooting for McGregor all the way. What a freaking upset that would be – whenever these two do decide to actually make it happen!



Just Fight Already,