So evidently Sebastian Telfair is evidently still alive┬ámaking headlines again arguably for the first time…

Early yesterday morning, the former 2004 lottery pick got arrested with more guns, ammo, bulletproof gear and (…SURPRISE!) marijuana than anyone should arguably ever have. Unless you’re overseas… I mean, if your fighting ISIS and wanna take the edge off at night, I say go for it. You of all people earned it.

Anyway, amazing that after his EPIC documentary “Sebastian Telfair: Through the Fire” he still evidently is living in that inferno.

This is Fine Meme Sebastian Telfair.jpg

Listen, if all these guns were legally his, I’ll be the first person to get behind Sebastian (no homo) since he probably was just going hunting or something… I mean, it’s better safe than sorry, so wearing a bulletproof vest hunting sounds like just good sense!

(Honestly, weed and deer hunting sounds fantastic actually…)



Regardless, Someone Get Sebastian a Fire Extinguisher,