Okay, is this NEWS news? Maybe not… But for those of you who are New Yorkers, who like me, listen to too much New York sports radio, this is DEFINITELY worth talking about.

This morning on the Boomer & Carton Show, a caller said it was ridiculous that rival broadcaster, Peter Rosenberg from the Michael Kay Show (and Hot97), allegedly called Carton “racist” because he questioned the legitimacy of the racist vandalism at LeBron James’ LA house leading up to the NBA Finals.

I did the dirty work, found the Boomer & Carton podcast and go here and just fast forward to 47:36 in and you’ll hear the whole thing. Go ahead and listen. WILD.

Disclosing my bias, I listen to the Michael Kay Show daily, and I only listen to Boomer & Carton when it so happens I’m in the car and it’s on. I understand Carton’s shtick – he’s abrasive, he’s funny like that… Whatever! I understand he can make for good radio.

And here’s the thing, if you hear someone else calling you a racist, you can defend yourself… And for the beginning that’s what Carton did without overstepping any bounds. Carton responded to the caller’s report of Rosenberg’s allegations by saying he’s talentless and short… Yeah, okay, that’s fine. I legit don’t think anyone cares when they get insulted like that.

Then, he calls Rosenberg a “bitch” – okay, still alright.

Here’s where I was like, oh no… Around 52:00 is arguably where he crosses the line… Carton puts on a Jewish accent (yes, Rosenberg is Jewish believe it or not) and mocks him in a pretty long and wild rant:

“As a white Jew in New York, I empathize with, ya know, a black man in the country more than you know… I UNDERSTAND WHAT LEBRON IS GOING THROUGH!! (**FAKE CRYING*)* When Carton said LeBron’s grafitti might have been BS that hurt me in my core… as a JEW – A WHITE JEW!!”

Like I had said, I have no issues insulting a man’s talent or his height… But the mocking of Rosenberg for being Jewish was where I was like, “Yeah, I’m out.

 bye goodbye seth rollins im out peace out GIF

Listen, I’m not Jewish, and I get what Carton was saying that the relationship between a liberal, white, Jewish man taking up the torch of the African American community seems odd – BUT Rosenberg works for Hot97 as a radio show host and is very well connected in that community. If all your colleagues/friends are carrying a cause, it’s very likely you will too.

So anyway, Rosenberg responded on YouTube today:

Regardless, Peter is the wildcard on the Michael Kay Show – and Carton is the wildcard on the Boomer & Carton show… All I’m saying is this is going to be interesting and certainly something to listen out for.

The war is on folks. Boomer & Carton versus The Michael Kay Show.



This Isn’t How Sun Tzu Would’ve Done It,