Listen, college baseball is a tough gambit to get into if you ask me. There are so many teams and that can be tough to follow… So many players, so little time. But here’s my suggestion – pick one team and just jump on that bandwagon ASAP.

Here’s my pick and I highly recommend you join on this run…


These guys are definitely the kinds of dudes who don’t give a fuck, walk around like their shit don’t stink AND (oh by the way) back it up as their team makes its way through its second College Baseball World Series appearance in three years, taking on Florida State today.

Now, why do I think so highly of these guys? Well, you have to know me and my love for disgusting facial hair, and also Movember, to know that they had me as soon as I saw this:


So then I looked into it more – And what I found? Was, well, spectacular

Cal state fullerton mustachesCal state fullerton mustacheCal state fullerton mustache movemberCal state fullerton blonde beards

(Ignoring the blonde beards) I just love the “IDGAF” attitude. Let’s go Titans, I’m #ALLIN on these guys.



Bleed Orange & Blue,