This weekend was another doozie. Saw Ketch got into the Zima trend which is great – that’s wonderful. I myself made it through Philly alive, which for anyone wondering is a great spot to get hammered drunk for 48 straight hours. I hope yours was just as delightful as ours at Water Cooler Sports.

This Merica Monday we have Corrie from UCF. Shoutout to her for helping “Make (Merica Mondays) Great Again” – she’s a real hero. If you want to give her a follow and hammer some likes all over the place, check her out at corrieechase. You’re welcome in advance!


This week as we ride and shine and breathe in the freedom this Monday, I wanted to find a special national anthem to get us going strong in the right direction.

THAT should do it… I know I’m all hot and bothered! Let’s get after it today!!