I heard some news over the weekend that legitimately got me FIRED ALL THE WAY UP for Shark Week this year (July 23rd, 7pm… I gotchu)… What what was the big news??

Well, our golden boy, the 23-time Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps is evidently going to be racing a Great White Shark…

Image result for wait what gif

I know this is absolutely ludicrous because #1 sharks obviously swim WAY faster than humans (and are SO MUCH bigger), and #2 I’m picturing a shark and Phelps swimming side-by-side which is ridiculous, but the imagery alone has me completely hooked (setting myself only up for disappointment, but still…).

Earlier this year there was a LOT of to-do about Arian Foster claiming he could fight a wolf to the death if necessary, and I think the Discovery Channel was like, “Wow, that’s brilliant… People love these ridiculous scenarios. Let’s cash the FUCK in on this!”

And of course, my favorites… Twitter naturally had a freaking FIELD DAY with this:

Great white sharks versus the greatest white swimmer!!



Shark Bait Hoo HaHa,