With the addition of the Water Cooler Sports Country channel on Spotify, you don’t really need to wait for this post… Regardless, I’ll walk us through the new songs and, SHOOT, maybe you wanna see the music videos! Let’s see what’s new this week.

1.) River Town Saints – A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Love it from the first second to the 196th. Fire song. Never even heard of the River Town Saints, but they’ll be someone I keep an ear out for… Starting this week off STRONG!!

2.) High Valley – She’s With Me

Not sure where this band came from but I have a feeling I am going to be constantly putting their stuff up… Hopefully it’s alright otherwise you may get sick of the name High Valley!

3.) Jordan Davis – Singles You Up

From the first chords I knew this song would be sick… In fact, I didn’t know the song or artist when I first heard it… I just heard the song and immediately was like, “YUP – I’m in!

4.) High Valley – Dear Life

What did I say? High Valley just does something for me. They’ll be a repeat offender and they got two songs in this week. This one a little softer but still a jammy jam.

5.) Waterloo Revival – What Guy Wouldn’t

Good jam that eventually I see a jam to roll the windows down on your way to the beach this summer and just floor it to… Let’s goooo!

6.) Brothers Osborne – American Crazy

There’s a tiny bit of Bruce Springsteen in this song… And I love it. We ARE just American crazy!! Killer jams by Brothers Osborne here.

Again, check these and all the previous weeks of country tunes over at the Water Cooler Sports Spotify Channel and let’s made it through this Tuesday together.



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