Recently, there have been people in the media calling the Water Cooler Sports Open, the “Super Bowl of Golf” (me… it was 100% me). The players signing up are not just some of the greatest golfers I know, but also some of the greatest humans I know. The course is electric and the hype train is the only thing that needs to step up if anything…

We have officially secured Preakness Valley Golf Course (Wayne, NJ) as our venue. I can confidently say it features greens as sweet as Bethpage and scenery that rivals St Andrews… Water Cooler Sports custom golf balls are ordered and on their way, things are happening and now that we are only a month away, my main focus is booking this bad boy up!!

Let’s hit the basics like we’re in 2nd grade again… Who? What? When? Where? Why? How (much)?

WHO: Water Cooler Sports presents the Water Cooler Sports Open: “A Tradition Like Every Other”
WHAT: This is a charity golf outing. Movember is the charity #FuckCancer. They’ve already given us some stuff for everyone participating, and we’ll just build the donation into the price of the outing and at the end we’ll have a “Big Check” ceremony. It’ll be #LIT.
WHEN: July 22nd, shotgun start TBD (but probably like 10am).
WHERE: Preakness Valley Golf Course – Wayne, NJ.
WHY: You mean besides #FuckCancer? Because we should ALL spend as much time together as humanly possible. Plus, it’s a great chance to get rip roaring drunk on a golf course in the sun.
HOW (much?): $100. I am talking to the golf course manager tomorrow but this seems most likely. It will include your golf fees, cart fees, food/drink after the event, your Movember donation, a WCS tshirt/WCS edition golf ball, etc.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t MakeDamnSure (Taking Back Sunday reference) that all of you have your spots reserved on that golf course if you can make it. So if you want to sign up and support our war on cancer, you could tweet Taylor, comment below, RSVP yes on Facebook, just Venmo me with a note at Taylor1776, OR slide into our DM’s on Instagram.

Okay, there’s my update for today. I am getting VERY fired up and enthused about this one the more and more I get signups. I really want power rankings to preface this event, so the closer we get to the big show, keep an eye out for that shizzle!



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