So now that the NBA season is over and the offseason madness has begun, I’ve begun to look at a few things that have caught my eye. Do you remember a few years back when Durant, Harden, and Westbrook were all playing together on the Thunder?

Harden Westbrook Durant.jpg

Weird to think about that if they had all stayed together they most likely would be the team the Cavs had to face in the NBA Finals the past two years. The development of Harden and Russ without KD is un-freaking-believable. Both MVP front runners, leading their respective teams to the playoffs pretty much single-handedly is something that not even ESPN could have predicted. Harden’s development was one that no one really could have imagined. After D’Antoni made the switch and transformed Harden into a point guard, all eyes got to appreciate something truly special.

Which gets me to my point. Russ and Harden became even more of forces to be reckoned with once Durant was out of their lives. Queue Durant’s departure to the Warriors – a team he couldn’t beat so he joined; a team he and Russ had on the ropes 3-1 and couldn’t seal the deal. “Snake-like” as Q would say.

When Durant came to the warriors, everyone knew someone’s production on the star studded team would have to falter. There just really wasn’t a concrete prediction on who it would be. Many predicted everyone on the team would take a back seat to the Durantula, and in some senses they weren’t incorrect.

Into the picture comes Klay Thompson. Before Durant’s time with the Warriors, Klay stood out. His insane ability to shoot the ball was the center of attention, well next to Curry and his magician-like ways. The “Splash Brothers” were the best backcourt in basketball. But since Durant’s arrival, you can say that Klay’s production suffered the most. Not saying he played poorly, because realistically he didn’t. He just hid in the shadows a bit more because he wasn’t required to bring the amount of production he used too. Now who does this remind me of?

Easy. OKC’s old James Harden.

James Harden was the third wheel in Russ and Kevin’s world. He occasionally put the Thunder on his back *when they let him*. Otherwise, Harden was simply asked to knock down the 3 ball when needed. This is exactly the situation Klay is in. He occasionally had ridiculous nights. Nights where he hit anything and everything. BUT he has taken a back seat on the championship train.

I truly believe that if you put Klay on another team he’d turn heads. People would realize the true potential of the player that is Klay Thompson. When Klay leaves the Warriors (and eventually the time will come because they can’t keep everyone), he will look exactly like James Harden does right now. He will be a possible MVP candidate and take control of games. He will put up a ridiculous amount of shots just like Russ… but unlike Russ, he will probably make them (burn).

Klay is currently the only likable player on the Warriors. He’s low key. He’s an absolute BALLER when he’s on. There really isn’t an overwhelming cockiness or display he’s gotta put on for the crowds and the media. Guy just crushes Coors Lights and bangs 3’s.

Maybe you believe me, maybe you don’t. But when Klay does leave, pay close attention to what he does to the NBA.



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