Whip cream and hot chicks is supposed to the dream, right?

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Sad story out of France a couple days ago, Instagram model Rebecca Burger was killed by an exploding canister… The variety with which evidently hasn’t been on the market since FEBRUARY 2013… wait, WHAT?!?!?

That was OVER 4 years old Whip Cream? Who in their right mind is eating FOUR YEAR OLD WHIP CREAM?!?!

And then it got me to thinking…

Rebecca was probably in full-on “CARBO LOAD” before No Carb Summer started. She probably opened her fridge, and started HOUSING food. Reckless abandonment for what she was eating… I get that.

It’s just a really good reminder of how deadly carb based foods are this time of year. Let’s make this No Carb Summer an effort in her honor. God Bless Rebecca, RIP in peace.



Another One Bites the Carb,