Mark McGowan

For some bizarre reason we are infinitely interested in weird things. Even if it’s really disgusting, we just want to have a look at it, or learn more, just because it’s out of the ordinary.

Locals in Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa have reportedly feared this animal since it was born, labelling it half-human, half-beast and claiming it was ‘sent by the devil’.

It does look a bit human-like, but leaning towards the middle-aged man who’s sunbathed too much in Ibiza, drank too much beer and passed out on the beach.

Yea, no fucking shit this thing was sent from the devil. Listen, I’m not a God fearing man, don’t go to church, hell I was kicked out of a religious retreat in 8th grade because I couldn’t stop laughing when some priest told me to “close my eyes, walk down the white hallway, open the door, and picture Jesus.” However, I DEFINITELY believe in the devil. Not only the devil, but demons too. You wanna know why I believe in demons? Because I spend most of my Sunday mornings throwing up demons that had possessed me for the last 48 hours and made me text my ex-girlfriend.

The devil lovesssss to make sure everyone knows he’s real. And he does by sending these hideous monsters from the pits of hell every once in a while to shake people up. Honestly this is probably an aborted fetus of Devil and some stripper whore who’s been damned to hell for eternity.  Just a friendly reminder from the Devil that’s very real and the apocalypse is coming.

If God was so real, why doesn’t he just hit us with a Unicorn or something real quick. Then I would start going to church.



Hail Satan,