Last summer, I genuinely thought the team that we had put together was going to win ROUGHLY 48 games… I genuinely thought they were a Super Team!!

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So will I do the same this season? Will I convince myself this is going to be our year? Am I seriously that insane? Do I keep asking questions that all clearly have the same answer?

Let’s take a look at the newest Knicks after Thursday night’s NBA Draft and see if we’re even on the right track for my delusional brain to say “YES” to all the above questions…

Round 1, Pick #8  – Frank Ntilikina.

New York Knicks Frank Ntilikina Draft.jpg

I don’t know this kid, his stats look like legitimate garbage, but a ton of things I read on him is that he is a legitimate pro. Smart guard, long, great defender. Now, Knicks fans – I need to say that again because this oftentimes is something we lack in our point guards. SMART. LONG. DEFENDS. I know his stats are buttcheeks and I do believe in the current NBA you need to shoot in order to be relevant. But on a team with shooters like KP and Melo, I like the idea of having a smart guard who is more about getting the offense going than himself. This could mean the end of Rose, which is a bummer as I was a rare fan of his work last year – but this is a rebuild and a point guard who defends is something I can get behind.

Round 2, Pick #14 – Damyean Dotson.

Daymean Dotson New York Knicks.jpg

Dotson is a shooting guard out of Houston and may be a fuckhead. Listen, in the Second Round you’re taking fliers on guys and maybe we see some talent in him we can use off the bench. He had good scoring numbers at Houston, and when I looked this up – I know it can’t be right – but ESPN’s playcard for his is claiming he has an 8’4″ reach. Evidently Phil believes in a team full of Tayshaun Prince’s that can all tie their shoes standing straight up.

Damyean Doston ESPN.PNG

Second Round, Pick #28 – Ognjen Jaramaz.

Ognjen Jaramaz.jpg

I’m not going to bullshit anything here, I REALLY don’t know anything about this guy. All I know is that picture is FIRE. He’s my full analysis: he is a 6’4″ PG who is from Serbia, who very likely FUCKS.

I also saw we signed two undrafted free agents – that 7 footer from Vanderbilt Luke Kornet and also Nigel Hayes from Wisconsin. I really like the Hayes pickup, he may be the next “Ron Baker” in the sense that he was also undrafted and made a solid impact on the team.

So how am I feeling on this?


Again, KP is still a Knick. I know that’s not draft related, but that’s (sadly) a win. But furthermore, getting a young backcourt is what we need. We already have KP and Willy as our bigs, so let’s get them some help on the outside – and yeah, we still have Melo! Courtney Lee will continue to be exactly what he is – a really solid player.

I’d like to see continued growth from KOQ, Baker and Lance Thomas – honestly, who knows. We may not be a super team, but we’re young and need to grow.

It’s a small win but we don’t even get those as Knicks fans so I think we take it. We are not a super team, we are a shitty team in a rebuild. But the future is bright and I for one believe there is always a chance in the Mecca.