A couple weeks ago Brooks Koepka took home the 2017 US Open, but unlike most athletes, has an interesting opinion of his own sport…

Golf is kind of boring.

Goddamn is this guy my spirit animal!!

And no, I’m not saying GOLF necessarily is boring, but he clearly just does it because it makes him money and he’s good at it. Reminds me of a younger Taylor that swam in college (hah, GAYYYYY) and only did so because it took little effort to be good at it… Sounds like Koepka has the same take on his sport.

(Now, if only I was getting ANY sort of compensation for my choice of a “sport” OR got any chicks because of swimming, like Brooks’ smokeshow of a girl, Jena Sims…)


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Resting beach face

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**This is totally getting away from the topic here, but the fact that her last one is of her drinking milk is amazing and will be an inspiration to a future post this week.**

I guess the morale of the story here is Koepka hates golf – and I respect that. A man of the people because he’s just like the 99.69% of America who hate their jobs, but we do ’em anyway because they pay us and we’re kinda good at them.



Brooks Koepka – The People’s Champ,