Shoutout this week to our girl Kaleigh from Alabama for this week’s cover photo. Tis the season for American flags on beaches and peppering our timeline with these fuego pics – ROLL DAMN TIDE!! If you want a new and outstanding ig to follow, her hit up at KaleighMason_ and toss around those ❤’s!!

Now, if you have been following along on the Friday Night Facebook Live‘s, these past 5 weekends have gotten aggressive… Bachelor party, bachelor party, wedding, bachelor party, wedding. To say my liver has been out through the ringer would be an understatement. But, as Americans do, I fight on and that is the short of spirit I intend to bring this week – as we ALL should!

And, as we do every week, let’s get it started right and stand in honor for the singing of our national anthem by one of (2012?) Twitter’s greatest comedian’s… ROB DELANEY!!

Why exactly Rob Delaney SANG at a Dodgers game is beyond me, but it goes to show you that in America, if you make a name for yourself and keep up the good fight – anything is possible.

God Bless Rob. God Bless Kaleigh. And God Bless America.



Love it or Leave it!!