The New York Mets have promoted former SEC football great Tim Tebow from Low-A Columbia to High-A St. Lucie.  It makes sense too.  Tebow absolutely shredded in Low-A hitting .220 with 3 homers, 23 RBI and a team leading 69 strikeouts!  But according to Mets GM Sandy Alderson, it’s all good because Tebow’s chase rate and exit velocity are great!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sabermetrics, but when you’re striking out once every 3.5 plate appearances, that probably doesn’t warrant a promotion.  I don’t know, maybe I’m old fashioned.  I guess the question is why.  Why would the Mets promote Tebow after posting those numbers?  I mean if he was even hitting like .250 with, I don’t know, ten less strikeouts I think a lot of people could at least talk themselves into being like “okay well he’s doing alright.”  But .220 with 69 strikeouts in 244 plate appearances is absolutely atrocious.  ATROCIOUS.

Is this just a case of sabermetrics being taken too far?  Or is it something else?  It can’t be a marketing thing because I think it’s safe to say that most actual Mets fans are so incredibly pissed at the Mets for even signing Tebow to begin with that having him fly through the ranks all while flirting with the Mendoza Line won’t necessarily fill the stadiums.

Honestly, it’s got to be because St. Lucie is in Florida.  That has to be it.  Tebow is a Florida Boy and they wanted to move him to Florida where he would probably be better received.  Really there’s no other reason.  If any other 29 year old in Low A is putting up a slash line of .220/.311/.336 their next stop is a one way ticket out of professional baseball.

And boy, Mets fans must be absolutely pumped that Asdrubal Cabrera asked for a trade, they still don’t have a competent middle infielder and yet they promote 29 year old Tebow to High-A instead of their stud middle infielder Ahmed Rosario who actually IS tearing up Triple A.