Last night Russell Westbrook won the NBA MVP Award.  Certainly well-deserved.  I think by now, we all know my thoughts on Russell Westbrook.  Very good basketball player, huge dickhead.  I’m not what one would call a Westbrook “fan” per se.  But, like I said, averaging a triple double (despite efficiency numbers being relatively low) is very impressive and warrants some kind of recognition.

I guess my confusion came last night as I was scrolling through Twitter and Instagram seeing “Brodie Wins MVP” and “A Deserving Award for Brodie.”  Reflecting, I think I once knew that Westbrook went by “Brodie,” but why?  What the fuck is Russell Westbrook’s nickname “Brodie”?  Am I missing something?  Is his first name actually Brodie Russell Westbrook?  Why is it Brodie?

It doesn’t make sense to me.  Brodie is the name of some Cali bro, and while I know Russell is a Cali Kid, I think we can all agree he’s not a “Brodie.”

…Or is he?  I could also see a “Brodie” as being like the youngest child in a wealthy family that lives by the shore.  His older siblings, Trey, Summer, and Ryder are all straight A students.  Trey is the valedictorian and starting quarterback.  He got a full ride to UCLA.  Summer was the prom queen, also in the top-ten in her class.  She’s spending the summer down in Guatemala building houses for the homeless.  Ryder is an outstanding piano player.  He is also the best pitcher on the baseball team.  He’s going to a piano camp this summer where he will be working with world renown piano player Martha Argerich.

And then there’s little Brodie.  Brodie knows his family’s success, but he’s the little shit that gets in other kids faces and makes them throw the first punch.  He’s the guy that throws his family name around all the time to get out of trouble.  He’s the fuck up.  And now I’m not saying Westbrook is a “fuck up” I am saying he is a fuck head.  So maybe it all makes sense.  I get the vibe that Westbrook feels entitled, just like little Brodie in the family I painted out.  So I guess it’s all good.

Update: His dog’s name is “The Brodie.”  So he calls himself and his brother “Brodie” as well.  Uhhhh… okay?