Let’s make sure those country playlists are new, fresh and ready to slug some pounders of Bud Heavy to (or some Zima’s if you’re into that sort of thing)!

This week we got a couple mainstream guys like Dierks & Brad Paisley, with some new(ish) guys… Check em out, crank it up and remember to throw on the Water Cooler Sports Country Spotify playlist to get you through that work day!

1.) Dierks Bentley – What the Hell Did I Say

If Dierks comes out with a new song that isn’t total buttcheeks, it’s going to end up on this list. Maybe it’ll get cut quickly if we’re over 69 total songs (remember the rules?) – but it can have a little “Flavor of the Week” time to shine.

2.) High Valley – Come on Down

Love the beat. Love the energy. Catchy AF… I still FUX with High Valley. They’re making a huge splash on this playlist.

3.) Brad Paisley – Last Time for Everything

Slower jam buuuuut it’s new AND too good of lyrics to not put on here. Brad’s a goat, he gets the nod.

4.) Wes Mack – The Way You Let Me Down

This is probably my favorite song of the four this week. Total jam. REALLY hope this song takes off cuz I could see this being one of those songs everyone knows all the words to and scream/sing together at a bar. Wes Mack with a great one here.