In the dog days of summer there are only so many things to talk about in the sports world besides the NBA Draft, NBA free agency, NFL offseason, NFL mini camps, NBA trades, MLB talk, the NHL’s new expansion team, PGA talk, women’s professional soccer, etc… There’s only so much of that we can go over, so we like to change it up and offer you guys a refreshing change of pace every now and then. And today, we’re gonna let you in on a little WCS game we like to play:

We’ve started to “milk” each other at bars.

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Now, this is something I have dabbled in in the past, but nothing to the extent that the Water Cooler Sports (& friends) crew has taken it to of late. No joke, during a recent trip to Montreal, we probably drank a cumulative gallon of milk among the various bars we were at with this new ELECTRIC game.

So what the fuck is this GREAT game?

You know how “Icing” people is like the greatest thing ever? You “ice” them, they have to chug a Smirnoff Ice in front of an entire crowd/bar/whatever. It’s great, gets the people going, just an all round really FUN thing for everyone involved!

Well, this is like “Icing” – except with MILK.

Bartenders often may be put off by this. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because they don’t GET IT, maybe it’s because milk is so random at a bar, or maybe it’s because they’re retarded… Who am I to judge? But they’re retarded.

Regardless, watching your buddy have to drink an entire pint glass of milk at a bar is nothing short of the greatest thing you can experience.

PLUS, you are really just looking out for them if you think about it. Milk is loaded with vitamins & minerals, and helps fight osteoporosis… So it’s really a great, HEALTHY alternative to Icing.

Welcome to the new game fella’s… Send you Milk Boyz endeavors to us over on Instagram and we’ll post a collaborative Milk Boyz SZN┬ávideo soon enough!







P.S. I unofficially got Brooks’ Koepka’s girlie, Jena Sims, signed on as our spokewoman for Milk Boyz. I can’t wait for our first public outing where we set a record for most milk consumed in one sitting.