For many of those in upstate New York, today is a big freaking deal. Tonight, if you go out and get exceptionally hammered at the local watering – and, UH-OH, you need a ride home? No worries, you know have the power to in the palm of your hand!

That’s right! Upstate New York has finally been allowed to move on from living in the Stone Age to the year of 2017…


Now, as a former resident of Central New York, I can tell you firsthand – calling taxi’s is a fucking nightmare. Uber is so easy. You have an app, you tell it where you want to go and, BOOM! Some dude in a pretty new and clean car shows up. It’s that simple. No phone call, no nothing.

I can’t believe we even need to celebrate this, but for too longĀ the retarded government officials in New York would not allow Uber to operate for fear of what it could do to the Taxi industry… I guess?

Honestly, I never understood why they wouldn’t allow it – I just knew it was stupid.

So congrats to everyone north of the city! Now you can enjoy what everyone else in the civilized world has been experiencing for years!



Life is Better with Uber,