On this date 182 years ago, a Texan by the name of William Travis virtually started the war with Mexico that eventually made Texas an independent state.  So here’s the rundown of what happened:

Our boy Billy Travis was pissed off at Mexicans.  He “did not like Mexican people generally” and was frustrated with their tyranny over the fine Texas people.  (Sidenote: can you imagine today if someone wanted to revolt against Mexico because they “did not like Mexican people generally”?  Talk about a PR nightmare).  Billy ended up in Texas after moving there at the age of 22 to open up a law practice about 40 miles from Houston in a place called Anahuac.  Well when that dickhead Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana proclaimed himself a dictator, Billy said enough was enough.

You see, Billy Travis was a doer.  You could tell by the way he packed his shit up and moved from Alabama to Texas at such a young age.  He was basically like “I’m getting out of this hell hole that is Alabama and heading out to the Lone Star State (even though it wasn’t called that yet).”  So instead of just sitting around and watching the Mexican DICKtator just do whatever the fuck he wanted, he said “nah” and rounded up 25 people to go to war with Mexico.

That’s right.  He put together an army of 25 fucking dudes to take on the country of Mexico.  Literally the next day after putting together this “army,” the captured some guy named Captain Antonio Tenorio who was the goddamn leader of the Mexican Army in the Anahuac area.

That had to be a bad sign for Mexico.  I mean 25 guys from the street basically walk into the Mexican Army headquarters and just take one of their highest ranking officials.  Christ, Mexico.  Have some self-respect one time for me.  How do you let this shit happen?  You let a group of dudes led by some guy named “Bill Travis” just waltz right right in and steal the Captain of your army?  Can you be any more Mexico?

Anyways, the rest as we know is history.  This kick started the war that eventually led to the Alamo and then Texas becoming an independent state and eventually part of the greatest country in the world.  Thank you, Billy Travis.