I sincerely hope No Carb Summer is rolling along great for everyone. It’s tricky during the summer to not fall victim to the carbs that slide their way into seemingly everything around us! But I think we may have come upon a new idea that will help everyone stay on track.

Now, we *kinda* (aka 100%) are ripping this idea off an already ELECTRIC app (and if you haven’t downloaded it yet – I highly recommend you do) the Not Hot Dog app. Wtf is that? It’s an absolutely DYNAMITE app that if you take a picture of something, anything, it will tell you if it’s a hot dog or not.

Not Hot Dog App.jpg

Is it hilarious? Yes, but can we improve on it? ABSOLUTELY.

How so? Well, in Nicky Bag O’s endless pursuit of Carb Free living, he – and I give him all the credit in the world for this genius – suggested an app that would tell you whether or not a particular food contains carbs or not. And in doing so, we can ensure ourselves never having to wonder again if a corndog has carbs in it or not – the No Carb Summer app can do it for us!

Here are some prototypes I have work-shopped that I think will land us some tech geniuses to help build the platform. The image someone would send in would be on the left, and the app would spit out something like the image on the right:

I sincerely think this is a home run of an app idea. So please, any app developers out there that are looking to do good in this world – there are FAR too many people at risk of ingesting disgusting carbs out there that need help. Together, we can make this world a better (thinner) place.



Goodbye Carbs – Hello Future,



P.S. I am totally serious about this. I realize I just gave the idea away for free – but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t going to do it anyways. People would 1,000% download this app and make a joke of it. Million dollar idea. You’re welcome whoever cashes in on it. Just feel free to send me and Nicky Bag O some royalties and I think we’ll be happy.