Over the weekend some of the biggest NBA news was Paul George getting traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder – and YEAH, that is big news. But what got me was that a one year rental of Paul George (which is exactly what it is – because he will leave OKC for LA almost certainly) was only worth Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis… wait, what?

Are you telling me not another team in the entire league could offer more than VICTOR OLADIPO AND DOMANTAS SABONIS???

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There wasn’t a better deal offered to the Pacers in the entire NBA than Olapido and Sabonis?! WHAT AM A MISSING HERE?!!?

At one point these two were basically the price for Serge Ibaka (Ilyasova doesn’t count). SERGE IBAKA IS NOT PAUL GEORGE!!! NOT IN THIS NBA!!!!

There are 4 or 5 legitimate teams that I want to blast right now, as they are the only real contenders in this league, and you can’t sit here and tell me – now knowing what the “price” for Paul George was – that they couldn’t have offered a better haul. These teams are the Celtics, Cav’s, Spurs, Warriors and (it’s a stretch) Rockets.

Sure the Celtics are a “we stockpile assets, not unload them” team – but two fairly shitty role players for Paul George, AND, you may still land Gordon Hayward… GUYS… You would have won a fucking title. Trade Smart and Crowder and BOOM – that’s probably just as good a deal for Indiana. I’m so confused why something like this, maybe not this exact deal, but something like this didn’t work. WTF. Boston blew one here. This could’ve been a title move.

The Cavaliers are a little more hardpressed in the sense that they don’t have assets to really trade. I’d imagine they already tried trading JR Smith & Shumpert – the two guys mentioned in every trade ever over the last 5 years. But, I think they’d be alright if they traded Tristan Thompson for PG13? I could see Indiana being stupid enough to thinking that’s a good deal, and Tristan is worthless against Golden State – the eventual team they need to beat! I don’t know – there HAD to have been a deal there better than what Indy got.

The Spurs would have been interesting. I think Aldridge is not worth it in today’s NBA but Indiana makes some stupid moves, and I could totally see them trading George for Aldrigde and pretending like having a big guy will make them relevant again (see Rik Smits, or see Dale & Antonio Davis years). Indy could’ve been dooped and then, the Spurs would have Kawhi and George to play defense against an undefendable team in Golden State – it could’ve been interesting!

The Warriors I understand don’t need anyone else. BUT, they also could’ve made their own situation better by making sure no serious contenders actually got any better. And dumping players like (newly signed) Livingston, plus maybe like a Javale McGee and/or Patrick McCaw? Again, I just think these may be equal to, or better than, the “haul” the Pacers got.

And lastly the Rockets. Yes, they don’t have much left. But maybe a Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza deal in order to get Houston to an upper echelon of teams – Harden, Paul, George and role players like PJ Tucker. We know they may also trade for Melo – I mean, that team could be wild.

Guys, I just don’t understand (even for a one-year rental) how Paul George is only worth Oladipo and Sabonis! George could have gone to a team and REALLY taken a team from a fake contender to a legitimate threat and instead, he will make the Thunder just a little worse than they were two years ago, swapping Durant for George essentially.

This one is a head scratcher to me.