In the past 19 games, the Yanks have only won five; they find themselves three behind the Red Sox for the division lead; and it seems the injury bug has bit, liked what it tasted, and is here to stay.

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We’ll start with the losses. Throughout the past few weeks it just seems like they just can’t put everything together on the same night. Either their starting pitching looks great but the bullpen can’t close it out, or their pitching stays solid through 9 but their bats just aren’t themselves (which by the way is a league leading 5.65 runs per game… arguably an unrealistic nightly request). This has been a tough stretch for a young team. But this¬†also is why you have a veteran coach and veteran players. You need people in this team’s ear to tell them to get their shit together before it’s too late. The talent is clearly there, but they just need to put it all together. This is on Girardi, this is on the “Gardner’s, Ellbury’s, CC’s” – this is on THOSE guys to get things in the right direction again. I think this streak is an outlier, not the real team.

Next, where they’re at in the division. Only 3 games out after a 4-15 streak is outrageous… Yet here we are! What does that mean? Well, Boston has done it’s job taking the lead during a stretch the Yanks are just GIVING it away, but is that lead enough for when (hopefully) the Yankees wake up? Also, will the Yankees wake up? Or, and this is entirely likely, is this the real Yankees team?

Lastly, I heard this last week on the Michael Kay Show and found it OUTRAGEOUS. Here is the list of Yankees players who have been out of games on the DL or due to injury so far this year: Didi, Hicks, CC, Chapman, Gary Sanchez, Dustin Fowler, Adam Warren, Ellsbury, Matt Holliday, Starlin Castro, Greg Bird, Tyler Austin… If I’m missing anyone, I’m sorry, but that is what I’ve found – TWELVE players. It’s absolutely crazy to think a team that has suffered this many injuries (and so many of them to key guys) SOMEHOW still finds themselves right at the heart of the playoff race.

So here’s my opinion… In the month of July, we’re going to see the direction of the REAL Yankees. Did they over-achieve earlier this year – or was that the real team? Can we get the veterans to right the ship, or is it too late? Because the team will slowly get healthy again and we’ll have them back, but were they riding a heater, only to fall off and be unable to get back on?

Tough call to make, but at least they bought themselves enough insurance wins early on that they are in a position to make a run at things this year.