While most of America was getting blasted off of Budweiser’s Camo “America” cans and scream-singing Lee Greenwood “Proud to be an American” – Boston was celebrating too, but they were celebrating for a different reason…

It was announced early yesterday that the Boston Celtics had won the Gordon Hayward sweepstakes, and their franchise of white power appears to be getting whiter. While he certainly isn’t a Kevin Durant (or Paul George even), his signing is certainly perceived the be the move that could put Boston’s extremely young team over the top in terms of being able to finally knock Cleveland off and return Boston to a premier team in the NBA. Some they hadn’t really experienced since…

NBA basketball nba boston celtics glen davis GIF

(I have honestly NEVER seen that GIF before and absolutely had to use it LOLZ)

But one thing that caught my eye was Memphis NOT retaining Zach Randolph, as he went and signed with Sacramento. First, the move itself is erroneous for the Kings, the West, the NBA mostly… Because he’s past his prime and the Kings are perennially garbage.

Soooo, what was the reason I brought it up? Boston owns Memphis’ 2019 1st Round Pick. If they’re starting to realize their core of Conley, Gasol and Randolph wasn’t enough to win in the West (which it wasn’t and isn’t… not even close) then they are going to press reset, which means Boston could cash in even more… I’m not saying moreso than owning the Nets’ GOLDEN 2018 1st Round Pick next year, but that seemingly small move of Memphis letting Randolph go, leads me to believe Boston’s continued top level draft positions will continue for years despite them being a top team in the East already.

Disappointing to see Boston do so well, and just down the coast my Knicks’ dumpster fire of an organization rages on… Goddamnit.



Luck of the Irish?