Not many punters get the respect they should. I mean, it takes wild personalities like Pat McAfee, Steve Weatherford or Marquette King for me to even know their names… Even though they are HUGELY important in terms of winning and losing football games. If you have a good punter that pins teams deep, it changes the course of games, but again, oftentimes that goes unnoticed. No respect.

However, Brad Wing, the New York Giants punter, has found himself in the lyrics of a Nicki Minaj song…

Wait, what? How?

Well, Brad recorded a video of himself working out on Instagram, listening to Nicki Minaj jams…

So, in the comments, Nicki comments: “(…)Yo u bout to get a shout out on 6/30 ­čĄÉ”

Un-freaking-believable. First, the fact that Nicki Minaj took the time to comment on a punter’s Instagram is one thing… But to say you’ll give him a shoutout on a song, and then actually follow through on it?

That’s right, on her new jam with Calvin Harris “Skrt On Me”┬áMinaj legit has a namedrop of BRAD FUCKING WING… I am ecstatic. I may get a Wing jersey (now that Nassib is gone). Let’s fucking goooooo!!!



Punters 4 Lyfe,