Just two days ago, we busted out our American flag gear, ran to the nearest waterfront and crushed 1,776 beers to celebrate the freedom and independence we won just 241 years ago.

And by today, we all should have conquered those unreal freedom wounds we self-inflicted (aka July 5th’s insane hangovers). But don’t think you’re in the clear just yet… “Freedom Week” continues strong today – with George “W” Bush’s 71st birthday!!

My suggestion for best way to celebrate? Do what George W loves most – spend time with the family, go for a run, do some random paintings of your dog, maybe watch some baseball. He’s a simple man but he knows how to live life.

George W Beer Koozie.png

(That’s a $7 koozie from Rowdy Gentleman… You know, just in case you’re interested)

A true American hero – God Bless W on his big day!!



43’s #1 Fan,