Welcome to the American League All Star Shortstop Blind Taste Test.  Here are your candidates!

Player A: .320/.397/.553, 17 HR, 58 RBI, 96 H, 4.6 WAR

Player B: .252/.312/.461, 14 HR, 40 RBI, 83 H, 1.2 WAR

Player C: .308/.361/.455, 6 HR, 40 RBI, 96 H, 2.0 WAR

Player D: .301/.347/.473, 11 HR, 50 RBI, 100 H, 2.6 WAR

Now which two players would you choose to represent the American League at shortstop for the All Star Game?  Well I think Player A is easily the first choice.  What about the second choice?  Personally, I think Player D is your guy, but I can see an argument for Player C.  If it was my call, it would be Player D.

If you’re like me you would be correct with the first choice.  Player A, aka Carlos Correa is your starting shortstop, as he should be.  Meanwhile, Player D, who is actually named Elvis Andrus is merely a nominee for the last vote in.

Okay, so that means Player C, or Xander Bogaerts was the other shortstop, right?  I mean despite being a Red Sox fan, even I think Andrus is probably a bit more deserving of the All Star nod than Bogaerts, but the X-Man is at least putting up a solid season.  I think the world (other than Rangers fans) could live with that.

But wait WHAT?  You’re telling me Player B made it over both Andrus AND Bogaerts?  Player B, who is Francisco Lindor, is your other AL Shortstop.  And the craziest thing is that nobody really seems to be batting an eye at it.  Is it because he had a good post-season last year?  Is it because he has 14 home runs despite having significantly less hits, lower batting average, on base percentage and WAR than the other candidates?  I get that his defense is probably the best out of the four, but if you’re hitting .250 with a sub .800 OPS and there’s THREE other guys that are over .300 and .800, the other guys should get the honor.

I mean, numbers don’t lie.  Andrus is having a career year and should be rewarded.  Bogaerts is having a fantastic season to his own right, and should be rewarded.  Both Bogaerts and Andrus are in the Final Vote, which means one of those two will likely get voted in, but it just sucks that only one of them will make the team when both of them are well deserving, and much more deserving than Lindor.