A couple weeks ago at a wedding I saw a crew of old people just laughing, having a GRAND OL’ TIME and immediately said to the crowd I was with, “Old people are awesome.

And I legitimately believe that. I know they probably don’t have an action packed schedule like we do when now as we’re younger, but they honestly find so much joy in the smallest things in life… You could tell a story that has the smallest punchline about a time you went shopping but you couldn’t find a specific thing for cooking, and they find it wildly entertaining!

Anyway, Macklemore’s latest song “Glorious” has a music video that legit NAILS exactly what I was thinking.

**Side-note: He legit did this. His Grandma was all about the idea to shoot this video… I fucking love it.**

Just a young gun and his grandma… Every step of the way Grandma is having the time of her freaking life.

Driving that old school whip; egging a house; shoe shopping; singing karaoke; hitting up what I can only assume is a Dave & Busters; whipping their rascals all over the grocery store; checking out hot dudes in the magazine aisle; going with her grandson to get a tattoo; shopping in a department store; playing cards with the girls; a big ass birthday cake; getting a stripperrrrrrrrrrrr

I mean, these are ALL sick things for young people to do… but think about the joy old people talk out of this shit!

This music video, I don’t know, just a total A+ from me.



Gotta Step My Grandson Game Up,