(Maybe that is what Phil had in mind with the triangle!)

Back in 2013, we drafted Tim Hardaway Jr with the 24th pick in the First Round. Honestly, he was a STUD out of Michigan, and I thought the team, which just was eliminated in the 2nd Round of the playoffs, might be in a position to make moves. We resigned JR Smith… And then made the worst trade in the history of trades of humanity – giving away Quentin Richardson, Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and THREE draft picks for Andrea Bargnani.

Jesus… Oh, and to pour salt in the wounds? Jason Kidd retired.

Okay, well, no surprises here – the team sucked after that. However, I saw Hardaway as a rare bright spot on the roster… He attacked the rim, could shoot the three AND (I can’t believe I even have to say this) it looked like he CARED. He was mad when we lost, he called out (and got into fights with) Melo – it was great. I loved him.

So? What do we do with a player like that? Ship him off!! We traded him two years into his Knicks tenure for Jerian Grant basically because he didn’t play defense. We didn’t keep him around and teach the young guy how to do it – we just discarded him.

Now, again, I was a Jerian Grant fan – except I was pretty sure Jerian Grant at best would develop into what we already had in Tim Hardaway Jr – an attacking guard whose outside shot hopefully would translate to the NBA. I thought he was an alright, serviceable player – but definitely not an upgrade from Hardaway (which is not easy for me to say as a Notre Dame fan… but it’s true).

Again though, as we do to our young guys – we traded Grant away ONE YEAR LATER in the Derrick Rose trade that netted us what? A veteran attacking guard with little outside shooting presence.

I won’t lie here, as a pathetic diehard Knicks fan, who watched about all of the games last season, I really liked Rose out there. Before he got hurt he was the best offensive player in my opinion. BUT, you cannot ignore FOUR knee surgeries, so I’m glad we didn’t resign him…

And so we’re back to square one.

Except square one, Tim Hardaway Jr, now is costing us $71 million dollars over the next four years. Good Lord, I hope the player I had HOPED Hardaway would turn into 4 years ago is the player we just paid for, because otherwise, we continue to throw money around like crazy.

Good for Timmy for getting paid, but this may be one we look back at PRETTY pissed.



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