I’ll be honest, I totally thought after clicking on this, it was sheer click bait for basic chicks (and I clicked it, soooooo #YOLO). I mean think about it – yoga already is like the ultimate basic chick “thing” to do, and then add baby goats in the mix??

Let’s try something here. Go ahead, show a girl, ANY GIRL, a random video of baby goats from YouTube. It could be your girlfriend, fiance, wife, just-a-chick-you’ve-been-texting, or even just a chick you get just and send SnapChats to… Go ahead and send them a video of baby goats parkouring. Their socks will be soaked in no time and you’ll be their hero. Guaranteed.

Anyways, I think Goat Yoga probably was born from the idea of click bait… And then they were like, “I wonder if this will actually work…Of course it will! In 2017, you can have retarded ideas (see Not Hot Dog app) and they’ll be instant sensations!

Regardless, check out Goat Yoga below… I’m sure it will be coming to the Pure Barre nearest you!!



Goats & Hoes,