We all remember a week ago NJ Governor Chris Christie closed the state parks because of a budget freeze, and what happened? People got pissed… Then, some gasoline was poured on the fire when pictures of Christie hanging out on a beach surfaced.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when Governor Christie taking callers on some sports talk (WFAN) radio, he was going to catch a little heat fro his constituents…

Now, Montclair legitimately is RIGHT around the corner from the Water Cooler Sports HQ… And yes, it’s a predominantly liberal town. But holy shit, awesome that Christie went right back at the dude calling him a Commi because that guy called him a fat-ass.

It’s like when you’re kids if someone calls you “fat” you call them “ugly“.

Christie just takes blow-after-blow and continues to fight… arguably if he was less abrasive he wouldn’t need to take so many hits, but that is what it is!

Christie joining a sports talk radio show will be electric for years to come, maybe even “can’t miss” radio just in the event some #h8trs call in to harass him… Gotta love it.



Classic Jersey,