Never a bad Monday when we get some electrifying news out of America’s true heartland – Central New York… Home of Slick Willy, Ketch, the 2011 Calder Cup Champs aaaaand the internetBINGHAMTON, NEW YORK!!

So evidently some feminists in Binghamton have decided to host a topless rally and you know what? GOOD FOR THEM!! They basically are saying that men are allowed to rock a bare chest – so shouldn’t we all??

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I personally see this as a really great event that we here at Water Cooler Sports should need to cover VERY closely… Why?

Well, it’s really simple… Saturdays are for the boys. Tits will be out. My personal opinion is we go and at a feminist event get the chant “Tits out for the boys” going!!

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So mark those calendars for your next big trip to “the Great North” – Binghamton, NY… It starts at the Peacemakers Stage (I think we ALL know where that is) around noon on Saturday, August 26.

Want anymore info or just want to casually troll their Facebook page? No problemo, we got you right here!