The shampoo effect* was in full effect all last week AND into the weekend. Starting early, picking up right where we left off the night before and rallying all day… We really dug deep to makeĀ Freedom Week count. Good for us.

Land of the free because of the brave (that’s us – we’re the brave for going so hard so long).

Real simple, real classy Merica Monday this week. Our photo coming from Katie all the way out of Dayton University. Sometimes Ohio gets dumped on for constantly catching so many L’s (maybe just because of Cleveland), but here we are – maybe a turning point for the entire state overall. And if you’re looking for a solid follow on Instagram, head over to Katie’s ig at kaycrist and toss some hearts around, do it for America.

Now, as we do every week – let’s kick this week off right, with the singing of our national anthem.

Sheryl Crow playing her guitar at the MLB All Star Game… Merica!! I’m all in and with tomorrow’s MLB All Star Game, I want to remind Bebe Rexha that the bar is set high… Be like Sheryl, Bebe… Don’t blow it!

Now let’s attack this week the same way Jim Harbaugh attacked January 15, 2015 – with an “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind“!!



With Liberty & Justice for All,



* = What is the Shampoo Effect? Great question, maybe deserving of a post… but essentially it’s this: When you don’t shampoo your hair two days in a row, the shampoo doesn’t foam up like crazy. When you do shampoo two days in a row, you get that white foamy goodness… And getting drunk is much the same way. When you drink after taking a day off, oftentimes it takes a few drinks BUT when you have a drink after a night of going hard, it usually is real easy to start feeling good. Hence the name – the “Shampoo Effect“.