If you haven’t heard yet, Aaron Judge won the Home Run Derby last night in a pretty impressive way… But he leads the league in home runs already so to me it was cool and all, but I mean, he’s already the GOAT and I knew it. Whatever. Fun to watch though.

The only other competitive things worth nothing:

  • Stanton blew it under the pressure of being the defending champ AND hometown hero… Oh, and was also NOT abiding by the rules AT ALL. I’m glad despite cheating he still lost. Fuck him.
  • Sanchez, the #8 seed entering the night, who got shit on by Logan Morrison for even making the contest, took out Stanton, the #1 seed. Some were calling it the greatest #8 over #1 upset since…
  • Oh, and Cody Bellinger looked about half the size of any other man in that competition… and half the age. Cody Bellinger is my hero. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Dwight Eisenhower (and probably Mike Vick)

But don’t let all these competitors take away from the REAL eye opener from last night…

I’m just going to post anything and everything I can find of Jennifer Bellinger… And you can disagree with me, but holy moly… MILF.

Bellinger-Mom-HR-Ballsbellinger-mombellinger-momBellinger-sister-Ashli-Bellinger-picBellinger-family-picBellinger-sister-Ashli-Bellinger-photoBellinger Cody Mom

And, my personal favorite tweet of the night:



#SitOnMyFaceDerby Needs to Get Trending,