Okay, this #WCW may be complete bull, BUT as Aaron Judge is about the hottest thing on the planet right now after winning Monday’s Home Run Derby (how many times do I have to say it? “Chicks dig the long ball.“), I felt the need to go full journalist and cover this one… Is Aaron Judge dating anyone?

Well, after finding very little (nothing) on his social media’s that would point to a “yes” – I found a ton of speculation articles that because he allegedly “held hands with” this girl Sterling Olmstead at a New Years Party (over 6 months ago) that they could very well be dating…

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Now, while this probably isn’t the case and they probably aren’t dating, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are rumored to be hooking up… Which as all guys know, even the rumor of hooking up with hot chicks is a good thing. Why? Cuz then other hot chicks will be like, “OMG, I’m hotter than her, he should want ME!” And then you’re a hot commodity.

Okay, enough of #GirlTalk and speculation… Let’s just look at pics of Sterling Olmstead – potentially Aaron’s Judge’s bae but more like just a random girl he met once at a NYE Party and took a photo with.

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So this guy hits the ball over 500 yards, bats over .300 and is allegedly tapping some very fine arse… As Scott Stapp said (in his sex tape with Kid Rock), “It’s good to be king” – or I guess “Judge” in this case…



Court is Adjourned,