The Barclay’s Center in my mind has always kinda been a joke in my opinion since I heard they can’t keep the ice cold enough during Islanders games that it becomes an issue… If it’s 2017, and you can’t do something that’s been working for like 100 years, you’re retarded.

Plus they are home to the Nets, somehow the only team in the league that are bigger jokes than the Knicks… But let’s not focus on that right now.

No, the reason I say the Barclay’s Center is a joke today is this… The McGregor-Mayweather hype tour goes around the country and basically they talk shit and whatever. It’s good for TV, good to get some buzz going on the event, blah blah blah. I’m not a UFC/boxing guy – so I don’t really give a shit.

Anyways, what caught my attention was the tickets to this event at the Barclay’s Center were free. And I have no idea why because even if they made them like $10, people would pay and it’d be easy money… But no, whoever the fuck is in charge put them on Ticketmaster for free… So now what?

Well, no surprise they’re sold out and tickets are now all over Ebay:

McGregor Mayweather Tickets Ebay Barclays Center July 13 FREE.PNG

I have an idea for the Barclay’s Center… DON’T FUCKING DO EVENTS FOR FREE!!! Make some money and use that money make your place up to snuff, so the Islanders can keep paying rent! Instead, all those grubs out there who saw they were free and had half a brain, went on a ticket flipping spree and will make a quick buck because you’re too stupid to realize that!

Someone please tell me the point of the free tickets here… Because building hype for already the biggest hyped fight in both boxing and UFC (in my lifetime) seems retarded.



Maybe in 2018 Barclay’s Can Host BeerFest for Free Too,