This news is probably one of the funniest things I’ll hear in a really REALLY long time.

I know Kid Rock loves Detroit and Michigan and all, but I didn’t think that was enough to be qualified to “Make Michigan Great Again” (if you will) at least from a political standpoint… 👀 @DonnyJ

Here’s the thing that blew me away though… Upon researching a little bit, he and I (probably unsurprising to most readers) HAVE THE SAME STANCE ON POLITICS (basically). I swear to you – same political stance, see below quote from Fox News…

I am definitely a Republican on fiscal issues and the military, but I lean to the middle on social issues. I am no fan of abortion, but it’s not up to a man to tell a woman what to do. As an ordained minister I don’t look forward to marrying gay people, but I’m not opposed to it…” Rock said.


So I hereby NEED to announce my endorsement of Kid Rock right here, RIGHT NOW.

It doesn’t matter to me he played the biggest asshole bully in the Emmy award winning movie Joe Dirt

…it doesn’t matter during his younger, songbird days he claimed he was THE American Badass

…it doesn’t matter he and Scott Stapp have a sex tape from their “glory days”…

NONE of that matters. He is here to Make Michigan Great Again and I am ALL about it.



In Kid Rock We Trust,