Ever thought to yourself – we need more feminism jammed down our throats?

Well, don’t worry! Our girl Ke$ha is all over it and came out with the new jam “Woman” totally not just to make money off of a huge piece of the population that will support anyone who supports their cause regardless of the fact that the song has lyrics that don’t really make much sense to me as far as feminism goes.

Listen & watch below… The song itself is like every Ke$ha song ever… Kinda catchy, whatever. The music video on the other hand starts off as if it was going to be an old school Western, and then it gets more of a Big & Rich “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy vibe to it… She nails the whole “Weird Ke$ha” vibe she usually goes for. Honestly, since she had James Van der Beek in a music video with unicorn heads and lasers, I realized it’s an “anything goes” type situation when a Ke$ha music video goes down.

Umm… Is she calling herself a “Mother Fucker” over & over again? I am legit so confused.

Feminism, am I right?!



Wake Up in the Morning Feelin’ Like P Diddy,