I don’t know if I ever chronicled the first time I laid eyes on the HBO mockumentary genius of Andy Samberg in Seven Days in Hell.

Sitting around the house, Marty Quinn (our old gambling guru) comes up and wants to throw something on Apple TV… It was like one of those “Yo, I gotta show you this funny thing on YouTube I saw” kinda moments and I’ve lived through enough of those to think to myself, “Okay, you’re going to have to watch this and it’s probably kinda funny but no way it’s going to be THAT funny… BUT hey, you gotta watch cuz Marty is fired the eff up right now.

The issue was, when he first put it on, I saw the time bar at the bottom read 43 minutes… FORTY THREE MINUTES!!! I was not ready to sit through a “semi-funny” YouTube video for 43 minutes… But again, Marty was coming in hot. So we watched it.

And to say I am forever indebted to Marty would be the understatement of the century… If you haven’t watched it yet, I HIGHLY recommend stopping what you’re doing, and watching it. HBO – Seven Days in Hell.

 andy samberg 7 days in hell 7 days in hell edit omg i initially mistyped it as sandy amberg GIF

Now, why was this brought up today?

Well, Samberg is back with a new one… Instead of tennis, we got cycling! On July 8th, the world got to see Tour de Pharmacy. I missed it live (naturally) but I am deadset focused on watching this bad boy the next time I have some couch time.

Mike Tyson. Orlando Bloom. John Cena. Joe Buck. Lance Armstrong. Kevin Bacon. Will Forte. Danny Glover. Jeff Goldblum. Dolph Lundgren. Chris Webber. Maya Rudolph (the girl from Idiocracy).

I mean, that is the perfect cast… And a movie about doping in cycling?? I’m all in. I’m so all in there’s no way out. I’m stuck. Game over.



7 Days in Hell = 43 Minutes in Heaven,