What are Merica Mondays all about? Well, simple – they’re about starting each week off the right way, the American way – by seeing Ol’ Glory waving that beautiful red, white and blue and remembering we, the United States of America, are in fact #1.

So, let’s do it again this week! Props to our girl Jaelin from North Dakota State for this week’s Merica Monday photo. Babes wearing the classic accounting man visors? Love it. Everyone reading this blog post from their cubicle probably loves this. So big props here Jaelin, keep living the American dream out there!

This week, I wanna change things up a big. We usually do the National Anthem, and that truly is #respect, BUT as this country is built on the premise of innovation and striving to be better, let’s try something different. No, not an Alexis Texas booty clapping video. Let’s all rise, hand over our hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance.

SARGENT SLAUGHTER!!! Electric!! Not sure why we ever stopped saying the pledge of allegiance daily, but that is truly gold.

Merica. Love it or leave it.



With Liberty & Justice for All,