What in the hell could all that mean?

Glad you asked… One of our best and brightest geriatric readers had sent me that in a “You won’t make this into a t-shirt” email, and here I am.

 boy meets world cory matthews ben savage look at me here i am GIF

Well, as everyone who has a heartbeat knows “Saturdays are for the Boys” – or SAFTB – has been the universal rallying cry to get wild n’ out on Saturdays, and honestly – it’s awesome…

But it was brought to my attention by one of our beloved 30+ demographic readers that Saturday’s aren’t exactly for getting irresponsibly blacked out anymore (to my complete surprise)… Instead the suggestion was: “Saturdays are for sleeping in, maybe exercising, walking the dog, cleaning the apartment, and going to bed at a reasonable time.”

Well guys, I think we just found our 30+ demographic a new mantra…


Clearly this is going to catch on… I can’t wait.