This year has been a wild ride for Yankees fans. Expectations were low and they were so far exceeded right off the bat (pun very much intended) that New York convinced itself we were title contenders… Well, reality has struck. Let’s take a real simple look at the good, and at the bad.

BAD: From June 13th to the All Star Break, the Yankees had the worst record in baseball.

GOOD: They had the 2nd best record in baseball before that.

BAD: The Home Run Derby definitely messed up Judge’s swing. He’s 1-18 since with 6 strikeouts.

GOOD: He still leads the MLB in Home Runs with 30 and the next closest guy has 3 fewer.

BAD: PiƱeda was just put on the 60 Day DL, making a starting lineup that has been up and down and sideways all year a little rougher.

GOOD: Every young guy that has come up or been brought in has almost immediately become my favorite player (see Clint Frazier, Jordan Montgomery, Ji Man Choi).

BAD: Dustin Fowler had a season ending injury in his MLB debut… That was brutal.

GOOD: Chad Green. Favorite player of all time… Okay, that may be aggressive, but he throws fire and strikes. And throwing strikes on this team in relief is amazing.

BAD: Our 7, 8, 9 guys… I don’t trust Betances or Clippard and probably won’t until they play good consistent ball for like weeks. Even Chapman WALKED in the game losing run. JUST THROW FUCKING STRIKES GUYS!!!

GOOD: CC Sabathia. I don’t know what it is, I imagine he’s back to eating entire boxes of Captain Crunch at a time, because his stuff is GREAT. He doesn’t over power guys, he just throws really nice pitches and I love it. He’s so fat and just a joy to root for #TeamBigGuy.

BAD: Ironically after just saying #TeamBigGuy, Chris Carter (for the most part). His .201 batting average was less than what the Yanks were hoping he’d bat when they signed a guy who just last year hit 41 home runs!

GOOD: We cut ties with Chris Carter… Peace. Time for some fresh faces.

BAD: Chase Headley’s late-April/early-May performance (after 14 games he was batting .409, and followed that up batting .180 over his next 22). I mean if his walkout wasn’t Chris Stapleton, I’d be calling for his head… Oh yeah, and for some reason he’s Big Fudge’s favorite player.

Tough to live back and forth like this, but this is what we signed up for in a young team… You can’t have your cake and eat it too (like we seemed to at the beginning of the year).

Need some problems to figure themselves out and this young team needs to learn to overcome adversity. Time to #RiseUp.



Still Yankin’,