The other night, Season 8 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the “Cereal Defense” episode came on Netflix and as I was in the middle of a hardcore binge, so naturally I let it ride. I remembered this episode was funny, so I was like “sure, why not watch this one for the 69,000th time!

But guys, after seeing the episode, I think I have confirmation I’ve really lost it. Okay, some backstory here: Mac is describing why science is bullshit, and… Well, you just watch then we’ll go on…

While the beginning of it has no real argument, everything after the 1 minute mark is going to be my backing for everything the rest of my life…

You basically either have faith in science, or a faith in a greater being… Or faith in nothing I guess and you’re just of the belief that nothing really matters or has any rhyme or reason and you’re just a psychopath.

Regardless, do you believe what some guy you never met, wrote in a book, aka “science” – or what some guy you never met, wrote in a book, aka “the bible”… I don’t know, I guess I’m as retarded as Charlie Kelly now, but I think I can get behind this argument from Mac.

I mean, let’s just start with fossil example since they used it… I’ve never dug up a fossil. Have you? I’ve seen them dug up on TV, or seen pictures of them. There is this blind faith I’m assuming that it wasn’t staged when I see that picture or watch it on TV… FAITH in a person I don’t know, in fact no idea who they are…

 chris farley i dont know no idea GIF

…seems risky.

Next, let’s try evolution. It’s a nice theory, but I didn’t see the world start as an algae and evolve & adapt slowly over the years (at least I think that’s how it works, I don’t really know/care)… Not with my own two eyes – nope!! It would take blind FAITH to believe that. The same faith that I could easily use to say that it was all created in 7 days by a higher being.

Listen, I guess what I’m saying is data can be fabricated and manipulated. Why? I don’t know… Maybe so people can pretend they’re smart. But it makes sense to question everything you read/see especially in this world of fake news and bullshit on TV 24/7… So why couldn’t the bible be right?

As I write this I realize I’ve kinda lost it, but #YOLO… I get the logic Mac had here and I think I’m subscribing.



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