After Michael Vick did 18 months jailtime for his dog fighting ring, did he really just get a haircut and convince America he was a better dude?

Look at the evidence… In 2007, before Michael Vick went to jail for FIGHTING DOGS, this was his appearance:

braids mike vick.jpg

And then here is Michael Vick when the Eagles so graciously gave him a second chance:

clean cut mike vick.jpg

Is Vick right? Are we as a country really THAT much about perception? Is all Kaepernick really have to do is cut his hair and people will forget he knelt during the National Anthem? Because I mean, Vick was responsible for the KILLING AND ABUSING OF DOGS… EVERYONE LOVES DOGS!! AND HATES PEOPLE WHO ABUSE THEM!!

But his advice may be coming from a “Hey Colin, I’ve done it before – it works!” place…

In my opinion, the guy is not getting a job because he can’t throw. Don’t believe me? Tim Tebow doesn’t have a job either. And in his one year, he won took the Bronco’s to an AFC Championship!! Surrrre, Kaep took the 49ers to a Super Bowl, but what I’m saying is people look past your success to your actual arm – and that is where Tebow and Kaep both fail.

Or does America as a whole just hate Kaepernick for representing an anti-America movement SO MUCH SO that even a clean head of hair won’t do it?

All I’m saying is the guy shown here…

Cleancut Kaep.jpg

…looks a lot more lovable than the guy seen here…

Kaepernick Scary Hair.jpg



Regardless, Kaep Get a Fucking Haircut,