NJ Governor Chris Christie was at the Cardinals-Mets game last night and, this may come as a complete surprise, made the nicest barehand snag of the game.

This BAREHANDED LEFTY CATCH is coming from a man who, should he have chosen a career in the sport, would regularly look like a person smuggling a Christmas ham out of the grocery store by shoving them down his pants…

Chris Christie Baseball.jpg

This catch came from a man who once poured a large box of M&M’s into a smaller bag of M&M’s to (I’d imagine) give off the impression of portion control (?)…

Chris Christie MMs Genius.jpg

This SportsCenter Top Ten play came from a man who goes on sports talk radio and gets called a fat-ass from his constituents… and to Mike from Montclair, Christie (and his unreal athleticism) just dabbed all over you.

 chris why call him chris christie GIF

I mean, this play was nothing short of David defeating Goliath and truthfully he deserves all the credit in the world. Rock on Governor. Maybe after the Tebow experiment is over & done with, and the Mets want to make real headlines, they’ll sign you to their D-League (and I mean why not? No shot Reyes could’ve barehanded that one).



Make M&M’s Great Again,